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Our Story

We created Ardook as a social enterprise to help mothers of disabled children find employment.

Many of them have financial and psychological issues. They do not work since should they take care of children. Many of them are single mothers.

The Ardook allows them to EARN sustainably by WASHING and IRONING clothes at home without having to leave their children.


Our business model is SIMPLE - couriers pick up clothes from customers, bring them to mothers, and return them to customers. We provide every necessary equipment to mothers and train them in laundromats so they have the skills to provide professional service to customers. 


We SERVE both consumer and business customers. Our customers include busy working individuals who don't have TIME for time-consuming chores such as laundry and ironing, as well as restaurants, hotels, Airbnb hosts, beauty salons, preschools, etc.

Ardook is aligned by following two UN Sustainable goals- 10. Reduced inequalities; 8. Decent work and economic growth. Ardook is eco-friendly, we don’t use plastic bags in our work, instead, we use woven ones and provide the clothes on hangers recycled from plastic.


We have received two international awards in the scope of Social Impact being in the stage of idea and have won two grants from European Union.

Ardook currently operates in Yerevan, but plans to expand to other Armenian regions and overseas.


In Ardook we believe that everyone should have the opportunity for a decent living.



Shogher Atanesyan

Team Ardook Թիմ Արդուկ
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